Each and every type of flooring has its very own way of expressing its ambiance.

Let me give you few guidelines that would help you break through all these puzzling riddles and select the correct dimension of flooring.


Basic rule

Lighting is the basic rule in flooring. You need to check for a proper lighting source. The entrance of the room has to be in the same line as that of the entrance. If there are many doors and windows, it is difficult to set up this type of flooring and at this time you need to try a direction that is much easier to install.

So initially try to catch glimpse of these optical effects and apply them practically to your room to feel the difference.


Make narrow rooms look wider with horizontal flooring

Space is definitely a constraint when you don’t plan efficiently. Especially when your budget is not that high, you need to construct a blueprint in such a way that the narrow room looks wider and more spacious.

So, what can be done?

Simple! Lay down your boards width-wise. This would make the surface look a bit wider than ever, camouflaging the boxed-in effect of the room. Also, you could make this effect look even more visible. Choose brighter colors, and avoid darker shades as these would make a narrow room look even narrower.


The shorter room into a longer room! Ever thought of this!

So, here is the second part that you need to focus upon. Turning a shorter room into a longer one.

Actually, you can add a sense of depth to your interior by laying the floor vertically. Match your room color with a brighter shade. This would add an additional depth to your room.


Diagonal flooring

Add feast for the eyes of your spectators with diagonal flooring which is equal enough to spruce up a tiny little room into a magical one. Especially the best part here is that you require only minimal material costs and effort for creating this unifying look.

Unifying look here means churning an effective visualization, most commonly at a 45-degree angle that helps tie a wall visually to one in another room.

And never forget one thing, since the flooring types are uncountable, it is to be noted that based on the type of flooring and size of the house you could modify the direction as parallel or perpendicular to the wall.

In short, it is always better to make the place you live in or work in look more spacious than ever and that is where your self-confidence level will increase.



The pattern of flooring might differ under the following circumstances which could be considered as exceptions.

One exception is that when you are doing a special inlay, pattern, or border. This might lead to a change in the pattern of flooring, mostly as a custom designed one.

The other one is that when you are doing a new installation where you could not feather an additional flooring into the existing one.

Ultimately, it is the architecture and layout of the room that would act as your guide.

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