“A house is much more than a mere shelter. It should lift us emotionally and spiritually,” quotes John Saladino, an American designer.

How many of us would agree to this point?

Well! Everyone would. But why are we surrounded with many confusions and hindrances when it comes to the selection of type of flooring?

The actual reason is that, when there are quite a lot of options to choose from, people get confused and end up with something that is actually not their piece of interest. Also, they fail to choose an option with regards to their living conditions.

Please don’t be a one among the flock!

Put an end to this daunting task and master the art of picking the best type of flooring from various others available in the market with the help of this blog.



Let me first start with hardwood, the most favourite one for starters who love traditional flooring. The durable material and natural feel of this type of flooring makes it the most preferable choice among home owners.

While oak boasts itself to be the popular choice, there are various other types such as cherry and imported exotic woods. Exotic woods include Brazilian cherry, Tasmanian oak, etc…

The styles come in a variety of styles, like plank, praquet and pre-finished boards that could be installed easily.

Professionally engineered hardwood is quite expensive when compared to others. It is because of the real hardwood veneer that is attached to a number of plywood layers. This gives a convincing sound, rich feel and elegant look when compared to laminate flooring.



The easiest type of flooring that can be done with less expense is laminate. It may be

either be composed of different wood based materials that are layered underneath a laminated board, or topped together with a faux imprint that resembles a wooden imprint.



Bamboo flooring is actually the best option for you when your preference is  durability. This is mainly because of the reason that bamboo is a light weight woody grass that is fast-growing and has a tensile strength of steel. The floor resists swelling and contractions and is suitable for any climatic conditions.



Cork is an eco friendly flooring alternative that resembles a cellular structure. This type of flooring absorbs vibrations and sound, sometimes they even bounce back if dented. Cork is well suited for wet areas like kitchens or bathrooms, since these tiles have a natural, non slip surface giving you a cushion feel.



Linoleum is currently trending the flooring market because of its bactericidal properties. Natural linoleum is extracted without depleting the forests. Also, the natural materials such as linseed oil, rosins and wood flour never creates adverse health effects on your surrounding at the time of production, installation, usage and disposal.

It is because of this bactericidal property, you can always find a linoleum flooring in any hospital. Apart from these health benefits, linoleum flooring is antistatic and reduces the potential for electric shock. Also, linoleum is resistant to water, ding and scratch, and is easy to wipe.


Tile and Vinyl

When it comes to elegance, porcelain is always the best choice. It may not be as costly as a marble, a granite, a travertine or a slate, but obviously gives a superior look. Also when comparing to marble, it is easier to maintain, since you need not worry about en cashing your money on resealing the pores.

Vinyl adds a royal vintage look to the floor. The more it is thicker, the more traffic could it bear.



Low maintenance cost and a longer durability with heat radiating properties and able to transform your dreams into reality – Here you go with concrete flooring!

With your creativity, you can even create seamless inventions. Concrete flooring comes with a wide variety of sealers and speciality stains that could be stamped and made to resemble a marble, tumbled stone, or brick pavers.

Hope you have an idea of what are the types of flooring. Think ans choose wisely, the best flooring that would suit your bathroom, bedroom and any other room effectively.

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