I can really understand the excitement that comes to your mind when it comes to choosing a carpet for a new room or a new home.

The thought of patterns and feel of the carpet would be battling continuously in your mind.

You need to focus more apart from the looks and elegance of the material. Focus on things such as endurance, durability, in simple smaller and precise details. The things which I have said before could be summarized under a single term ‘Underlay’.

First of all, what is an underlay?

Through this blog, let me brief you on what actually is underlay and why is underlay flooring important.


Be it any type of flooring, wood, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, engineered, concrete or any other, an underlay is very much essential since it gives a grip and safety to your property.

Let me explain you the benefits of underlay flooring in detail.


Felt Underlay

This type is made from wool and fabric and is a way easier to afford when compared to other underlays.

Rubber Underlay

Also referred to as rubber waffle, this type of underlay is durable and is springy because of its way of construction. The only constraint is that it is a way too expensive when compared to other underlays.

Foam Underlay

Initially, foam underlay was considered to be the best alternative to other types of underlay. Due to its inefficiency, it has been now out of use.

Importance of underlay

Conceal imperfections

Underlay helps in concealing the imperfections on your floor. This is made possible by closing the pores and making the uneven floor even, a way smoother and comfortable to walk upon.

 Add to stability

Installing an underlay adds to the stability of the floor which thereby fixes flaws and corrections.

I am sure you would never want to see your property get destructed in front of you!!

Now you might understand why I mean stability here?

Underlay adds life to your property and makes it resistant to scratch, and other climatic conditions.

 Noise reduction

How annoying would it be if there is a noise of footfall while you are sleeping?

Even when you are walking around, you would get irritated, right!

When technology has improved a lot, do you think there won’t be any solution!!

Never! It can be a great choice to opt for underlay since it reduces noise and taps of your foot effectively.

 A warm feel

Now coming to the feel of the flooring. A comfortable feel is possible if and only if the floor covering is perfect. There has to be a perfect underlay for a comfortable feel.

So stay calm and invest more in the type of underlay because it is this inner material that is going to safeguard your flooring and property more than anything.


Underlay with an attached vapor barrier resists moisture. It prevents floating of flooring.

I can understand that laying down an underlay is actually not compulsory for your project. But yes, it is going to be the best option if you are a type of person who would love to enjoy each and every step you take forward.




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