Dated back to 1930s, vinyl flooring is considered to have created a major impact in the architectural field during the 1950s, and is still being a great choice for many who wish elegance.

Slowly it has surpassed linoleum’s position for flooring locations in bathrooms and kitchens with its mind blowing water-resistant properties.

Through this blog you will unravel the advantages of why we said vinyl flooring is the best for you.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

  1. Easy maintenance

When you are sure that the surface of the floor is free from dirt and dust, then you are done with the cleaning of your floor. Even though you aren’t sure about the grit and debris, use a damp mop and a vinyl floor cleaner. The stains are removed as easier than expected.

  1. Resistance to water

A successful installation of vinyl flooring makes it a perfect resistor to water and moisture in your house. Whatever the space may be, bathroom, kitchen, or any other space, vinyl flooring will be the best in preventing the entry of moisture when sealed and locked properly.

  1. Comfortable feel

Right now, soft underfoot is considered to be a vital aspect when it comes to flooring. Considering this in mind is designed the vinyl flooring, which cushions your footsteps than those wooden or ceramic floors. In many cases, there is padded vinyl flooring that would not get cold during the winter, thereby making your walk even more comfortable.

  1. Cost efficient

When you think you need to have flooring at a moderate cost, then vinyl flooring will be the best ever option for you. Even the most premium quality vinyl floorings cost not more than ten dollars per square foot. This price is very much lesser when compared to premium flooring choices such as stone and hardwood flooring.

The point that has to be kept in mind is that the difference in price entirely depends upon the quality of the material and the variety of designs available.

  1. Durability

If installed properly, vinyl flooring can last up to twenty years. This shows that it is durable than many other types of flooring. However, as said earlier, the durability and endurance of the flooring depends on the quality of vinyl choose. Other factors such as manufacturing location, colours and others determine the endurance of the floor.

Also, one has to look out from the seller whether it is resistant to scratches. This can be self-tested by checking whether the vinyl tiles are solid, composite and homogenous. Printed vinyl is different from this type since it can be durable if and only if it is laid properly.

Fiberglass-reinforced vinyl sheets are the best when it comes to durability. It can be easily removable, since they come in individual pieces. This makes it easier to replace when damaged.

  1. Resistant to stain

If something spills on your floor, you must check whether it can be cleaned easily. Don’t worry if you are going to choose vinyl flooring. Printed vinyl sheets and tiles have a clear wear layer that acts as a barrier and prevents occasional stripping and spilling.

  1. Easy installation

Vinyl planks and tiles are easier to install. The only thing you need to ensure that the surface is dry and even.


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