Raphaël Burnell Collection

Raphaël Burnell Collection

RAPHAËL BURNELL Collection, The necessity of modern family
What do you think is more essential in an infrastructure of your house?

The colorful walls, great interiors, decorative items, furnitures and the most important one – The ‘Flooring’.

Flooring cannot be done as such. It needs a lot of research.

But do you have time to research upon this and find an solution? I guess, no.

We are struck up in a routine world where we have time to just – Eat- Sleep and work. This is the reason why our experts have done a serious ground research and come up with the Raphael Burnell Collection.

So what actually is the special feature of this collection?

It is the versatility, elegance and luxurious look that match well to an array of flooring styles. Made with the combination of combined wood texture and matt finish, this laminate flooring is an ideal choice for modern families.

Now let us have a look at its features in detail:

Micro bevel edge technology

The advanced Micro bevel edge cutting technology gives it a realistic look. This flooring is crafted with Sweden’s easy-to-install ‘Valinge’ locking system that requires no glue and makes installing a laminate floor an easy DIY project.


The density of the HDF core is 840g/m2 that adds additional strength and endurance to the material. The water resistance surface and durable locks cuts off the waste of money and resources efficiently.

High Definition look

The laminate floor with high definition look makes it look realistic. Not just it looks real, but also does it look modern and royal.


When it comes to the length, the Raphael Burnell collection will always be your perfect choice. It is because it comes in random length which fits the nook and corner of the house perfectly. Perfectly engineered random blocks are always better than manual cutting. Less wastage of material

The other thing that needs to be noticed is the wastage of material. The Burnell collection comes in blocks of various sizes that you can choose from.


Patterns are something that would better describe your taste. With our wide array of patterns, you are liberal to choose the pattern you like, thereby making your house look even more colorful and vibrant.


Considering the above mentioned points, I hope you are now right in making a correct flooring decision.

                                                                   Raphael Burnerll or nothing – it is as simple as that.

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